Why do I need a Day of Coordinator? Why peace of mind?

 This role requires expertise in the smooth delivery of your event. A day-of-coordinator is great for weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, corporate events. This role gives you, your guests, and your family the ability to relax while Levine Events is making sure that everything (literally) is in place. Ask us about our most requested and certified event planners and coordinators.

  • Meeting one month prior to event to receive all information and recommend solutions.
  • Confirm with all vendors the week of the event via email: a detailed form specifying all details of the event
  • Prepare a timeline of the event from setup until takedown of event (includes musical breaks).
  • Every unit/vendor of the event has their own timeline: wether it is music, photography, catering, etc
  • Rehearsal of ceremony in advance with bridal party
  • Supervision of setup and verification that all vendors arrive on time and with all the services hired
  • Accompaniment of the bride from the moment of preparation and during the celebration
  • An emergency kit will be provided for any casualties
  • Attention to the bridal party and distribute give-aways for guests
  • Coordination of “the toast” and special dances/first dance/parent dances
  • Coordination of photography and videography with family and friends
  • Distribute final payments
  • Assist during bridal party entrance
  • Hold on to gifts in the case that they are recieved the day of the event
  • Verify that the timeline is completed/executed effectively
  • Coordinate cutting of the cake
  • Safely guard/put away all belongings of bride and groom to be returned upon completion of the event

Day-of-coordinator team will ensure your invaluable peace of mind.