Pool Party DJ Celebration for July 4

Alexander and Mark from Levine Events proved yet again to be more than the best wedding DJ’s in South Florida. This time Kim was celebrating her birthday with a combination of 4th of July Independence Day. Every year, Kim turns her birthday into a bash with the best entertainment, karaoke, bartenders, and Levine Events was there to help her with the process of planning this amazing event.
dj alex
Because the options for your event can range from: TV screens, LED Stage, dance floor, DJ’s, violinist, saxophone, drummers, stilt walkers, samba dancers, and more, our staff can meet you at our show room, or at your home if it is more convenient.
This time our very own director visits the premises to go over setup, and Karaoke night is on! From all the experience as Bar-mitzvah DJ’s and photobooth specialists, our team has gathered just what to say at every interactive event, including adults.
​Kim’s event was a success, with music selections of all kinds, caribbean, modern, country, latin, and a party to extend over 9 hours, DJ Alex and our very own bartender have nothing but great memories to look back to.
Levine Events is expected to join Kim for the holidays in December for yet again the best 4th of July and birthday to come.

Let it rain, but the show must go on

maeva romain

“Let it rain, but the show must go on”, says the invincible (bride) Maeva on her wedding night as it begins to drizzle during her first dance with stylish (groom) Romain.

The french couple prepared the absolute craziest wedding with the day-of-coordination of Levine Events, bringing a “sky full of stars” to the dinner section, over mesmerizing the guests with bistro cafe lighting 13 feet in the air.

The day begins at the extensive outdoor courses of Botanical Gardens near the Miami Convention Center. Levine Events brings their violinists to deliver “All of Me”, by John Legend, as Maeva walks down the isle. Right behind her, over 100 feet high is our drone helicopter camera, capturing the scenery so that nothing gets lost in translation. But literally nothing gets lost, because our very own Mark Levine personally translated the entire ceremony from English to french.

The chemistry between this gorgeous french couple and our crew was instant. DJ Mark Levine spent over 2 years in Paris performing for Disney, and Carlos (DJ Fusion drummer) is a francophone since childhood. The music list is just right, the bistro lights are ready, TV color show is set, video cameras tested, intelligent robot dance lights in the air… “nothing can go wrong!”, says Mark entering the wedding reception at MAPS Backlot (one of our favorite locations). Little did we know.

The drizzle over the first dance put the couple to the test as their guests held flashing sparklers to fire up the moment. 5 minutes later, the rain was so heavy that the guests could hardly see each other; and the domino effect begins, a sad bride makes an angry groom… so Levine Events must come to the rescue.

Entering the nearest room (luckily with a full cocktail bar), two Levine drummers remove the silent with the latin tradition of Hora Loca. Carlos follows the beat of Alan, Alan blasts the base to keep the guests in tune. Shortly then, Levine brings the samba dancers, stilt walkers in colorful french attire, and the bride finally understands that you can “Let it rain, but the show must go on”.




roderick dancing

This past Thursday Levine Events had the opportunity to perform at the lovely Thallata Estates in Miami, Florida. A latin couple looking for something more than the traditional wedding. Celebrity DJ Mark Levine did not fly solo on this one, as we brought a 12-foot stilt walker, a beautiful violinist, accompanied by photography by Frank from MyBaldPhotographer.com and of course our event coordinators to assist in the delivery of the event.

“This goes beyond jumping out of your seat with live and exciting music”, says DJ Mark. He enhances the performance during the Hora Loca, a latin tradition of carnival with hats, party favors, capoeira dancers and drummers.


This transforms into a certain flare that you wouldn’t see at most weddings. Our stiltwalker made a grand entrance with flags representing the native countries of the couple – Nicaragua and Colombia. The Hora Loca brought about a more vibrant feel with flying colors and an amazing energy that literally swept everyone off their feet.


Levine Events added a twist with the special violinist who not only played contemporary music, but also performed popular songs from today’s hits such as “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias in violin instrumental version. Levine Events commits to going above and beyond – with DJ’s, Hora Loca, latin performances, and a celebration to remember forever.